Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Lotus Living
(to be continued)

The annual Lotus Festival is always a treat of art, culinary, and musical delights; and, this year, I invested myself in some events that I had overlooked in previous years.  Lotus in the Park is a free event that takes place on Saturday, showcasing a number of bands at the 3rd Street Park and having family-friendly activities on-hand, like hoola-hooping, painting, collaging, and other arts and crafts.
What was most unique about the arts & crafts element of the event was the fact that it was largely a project of reusing and recycling. Almost all of the artwork was dependent upon magazine clippings, strands of stray cloth, discarded wire, and a hodgepodge of crayons, markers and other coloring sticks.

As my work on the Green Events Guidelines needed data-collection on how local events handle energy, waste management, and other sustainability essentials, I took many photos and paid particular attention to the recycling and refuse situation.  Though recycling bins were readily available, all of the containers were overloaded, demonstrating the much improvement can be made...hopefully through the advice in the Green Event Guidelines!

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